20 Best Websites to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

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%best websites to find cheap flight tickets

Travel metasearch Engine and fare Aggregator:

Everyone should know about the websites that offer the best deal on flights and as well as comparatively cheap prices on flights than other websites in the market. The best way to find cheap flights is to be flexible. Wheather it’s your destination, your travel dates your flexibility can often determine what type of deal you get. Flight comparison search engine helps you to search for and compare flights of different airlines, including a wide range of destinations and dates. Some of the famous search engines which let you find the cheap flight and book them are

1. Skyscanner:

Skyscanner is a travel fare aggregator and metasearch engine formed in 2004. It is based in Edinburgh Scotland. Since 2016 Skyscanner has been owned by the largest Chinese travel company Ctrip. The website is available in over 30 languages and is used by 60 million people per month.

Hop on the Skyscanner website or download the app.

Then enter your departure and arrival city.

Enter one way to check the cheapest flight even if you are flying round trip.

Click departure instead of entering a date enter the whole month and cheapest month so that you can check all dates and which is the cheapest date for you.

What we like

Search everywhere

Price alerts

Mobile app where u can get to know everyday airfare for the whole month


2. Momondo:

Momondo is a travel fare aggregator and travel fare metasearch engine. Momondo also operates a travel blog inspiration. Headquarters of Momondo is in Copenhagen Denmark. Momondo is a broad search engine that sometimes shows cheaper fare the Skyscanner. The website is a part of Kayak subsidiary of booking holdings.

What we like

Multiple destinations

Mobile app with city guides


3. Airfare Watchdog:

Airfare watchdog is good at finding the sale and error fare



4. Google flights:

Google flights is an online flight booking search service which facilitates the purchase of airline tickets through third-party suppliers. It is a good tool to compare flight dates but it doesn’t compare fares. It allows open-ended searches based on criteria other than the destination.

What we like

Multi-city search

Discover destinations with useful suggestions

Explore map

%google flights
google flights
%google flights
google flights

5. Adioso:

Adioso is a new kind of travel search and booking application. It is worlds first travel search application that is built to work the way travel lover human thinks about travel. It lets you search for destinations as humanly as possible with the flexibility.


6. Thepointsguy:

The points guy advise and guide travelers about their travels deals and credit cards. They give travel deals every day about travel to different destinations. They sell travel-related products.

What we like

Hotel reviews, Flight reviews, card reviews

Travel tips to travelers on different points


7. Hipmunk :

Hipmunk is travel aggregator and travel metasearch engine. Hipmunk founded in 2010 by Reddit, Steve Huffman, and Adam Goldstein. It is smarter than other in presenting hotel and flight data. It doesn’t waste your time. It sacrifices ad revenue for better user experience.



8. Yapta:

Yapta was founded by Brett Alsop and Tom Romary in Jan 2006. Its headquarters is situated in Seattle Washington, United States. It is a travel website and browser add-on for tracking, book flight tickets, and receiving airline refunds. Yapta gives huge savings on corporate travel.


9. Kiwi.com

Kiwi search engine combines all airlines to create the routes that are cheaper than booking with just one airline.



10. CheapOair:

CheapOair found in 2005 and its headquarters in Newyork city, Newyork, United States.

cheapoair homepage

11. Airwander:

Airwander search engine lets you extend layovers into stopovers to visit two destinations with one trip. It was founded by Douglas H Deming and Ela Blader in 2014. Airwander is also traveling search engine. It turns your flight into multi-city by adding extra destinations.Airwander predicts cheapest multiday stopover for any flight.

What we love:

stopover of 24 hours or more layover where you leave the airport and discover new city

air wander

12. GTFO:

GTFO flights post amazing flight deals on MondWednesdayday and Friday. They don’t sell tickets. They simply find fares and refer airlines for tickets and get commision in exchange. They rate the deals using 0 to 10 scoring system. Their deal rating based on a combination of factors such as the size of discount, airlines grades, itinerary friendliness.

What we love

Their aim to offer epic deals.

%GTFO flights
GTFO flights

13. Jetradar :

Jet radar search engine includes many budget airlines which many search engines don’t. Jet radar compare prices between leading airlines and travel agencies. Jet radar helps you book tickets from India to the United Arab Emirates, United States, Saudi Arabia and, of course, domestic flights (Delhi, Mumbai), as well as a multitude of other destinations.

what we love

Mobile app

printing of actual ticket which you can show at the airport with your id.

%jet radar
jet radar

14. Southwest Airlines :

Dallas, Texas, USA is the headquarters of Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines is world’s largest low-cost carrier. Interactive route map displays all flights current and future which are available.

%southwest airlines
southwest airlines

15. Kayak:

Kayak operated by booking holdings is a travel fare aggregator and metasearch engine. It was founded in 2004. It headquarters based in Connecticut, Stamford United States. Kayak presents a list of flights ordered from cheapest to more expensive. If a multi-destination trip is specified, the list contains many different combinations of flights using different airlines for different legs. The user has to check through all combinations to find one which meets his or her criteria. Kayak searches other travel sites for you and shows offers in a more clear intuitive display.

What we like

Multi-city search

price alerts

nearby airports,


16. The flight deals:

This meta-search engine gives details about Flight deals, destination, top credit cards details, car rentals, hotel search. this website gives flying tips to travelers.


17. Skiplagged:

Skiplagged exposes loopholes in airfare pricing, such as hidden city to find you deals you don’t get anywhere else. Hidden city ticketing can offer a steep discount on airfare.


18. ITA Matrix:

The service is owned by Google and it powers google flights. If you want additional search options such as allowing airport changes and are willing to wait longer for results to load ITA matrix is good. Tickets cannot be purchased from Ita software.

%It matrix
It matrix

19. Holiday Pirates:

Holiday pirates offer more than just flight comparison. they publish daily bargain suggestions on the hotel, flight, package trips.

What we like

fantastic bargain suggestions

Package Trips

%holiday pirates
holiday pirates

20. Priceline:

Priceline is another good search engine with the neat sidebar. It shows the lowest fare on each airline to quickly help you see which of your favorite airlines offer the cheapest ticket at the moment. If you are ready to negotiate and name your own price for a hotel, car rentals, vacations, packages, cruises then Priceline is worth a visit.


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