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Bijli Mahadev is the jewel of Kullu Valley.The actual name of this temple is Bijleshwar Mahadev and people commonly call it as Bijli Mahadev.Bijli Mahadev is a symbol of the divine power. The trip to Bijli Mahadev is a divine and out of world experience. I can never forget that wholesome feeling my whole life. This temple is located near Kullu in the Himachal Pradesh state of IndiaKullu Valley is famous for its beautiful temples which are covered with pine and deodar green forests.The valley is fully covered with extensive orchards of apples, pine, pomegranate, apricots, plums.So this time I wanted to visit historical and mythological place Bijli Mahadev Temple on the hilltop.

There was a purpose hidden behind this journey- to turn my mind away from the distractions of the outer world and focus it on discovering the profound truths of the inner world.I visited this temple so that I’ll be able to absorb positive cosmic energy. In simple terms, it is like battery charging center where we go and get ourselves charged with cosmic energy.

Bijli Mahadev temple:

Bijli Mahadev temple is dedicated to the lord of lightning located on the southeast of Kullu Valley.This temple is located at an altitude of 2460m above sea level. The temple is on the left bank of river Beas opposite to the town. Bijli Mahadev is Kash Style temple is made of stone and wood, with the sloping roof made of wooden planks in the form of typical hill architecture.  The legendary Bijli Mahadev temple is located at Mathan hills. This is surrounded by  Parbati valley, garsa, Bhunter, Kullu valley.The temple gives you an immense feeling of serene silence and peace desired.

Trek to Electric hills of Bijli Mahadev Temple:

This famed temple of lightning is located at distance of 22 km from Kullu valley, 60 km from Manali and 3 Km from Chansari Village. One has to trek from down to reach the top of the valley. One has to reach Kullu first from Delhi Shimla and Chandigarh. There are a number of buses shuttling to Kullu Manali. And from there reach Ramshilla which is approx. at 1 km from Kullu and cross bridge (which is for crossing Beas river for going towards Bhunter or Manikaran). After crossing the bridge ask any local way towards Bijli Mahadev hills. The straight road goes towards Bhunter one has to take the left side road to climb the hill. From Ramshilla motorable road is also available. From Chansari village parking place distance to the temple is approx 3 km. Trekking duration is 2-3 hours with 4-5 resting points.

Beas River Kullu Valley

In this trek, I enjoyed lush green orchids forests and small village on the way.The trekking started with initial walking and a little of climbing and later well-constructed steps. A number of locals shops are selling snacks tea refreshment, chips tea and cold drinks. These shops are opened by locals here for earning their living.You can enjoy Maggie and momos also if you are feeling hungry like me. It is not so easy to make way up there as we city people are not habitual for walking on mountains. So I rested for a while and suddenly I saw very old women carrying heavy bushels on their heads and walking effortlessly on the mountain. I was energized and determined to get there gracefully.

on the way to Bijli Mahadev

On reaching by crossing through various road obstacles, it was like on the top of the hills which is the best feeling I felt.  A huge meadow with exceptional vistas of Himalayas greeted me upon arrival and I wished to stay here forever. From the hilltop, I saw an amazing view of Bhunter airport runway. I got to see amazing magical view all around. On one side 180-degree view of Parvati valley and from another side unsurpassed view of Beas river. and I saw bird’s eye view of Kullu Valley and snow-capped mountains at the backdrop. when I turn around there are higher peaks to block my view in proximity.This valley captivated my eyes heart. I felt pleasure and satisfaction in every action I did and in every splash, I heard in clear mountain flows. When I saw below then realized that  how far and above I was standing from Kullu Valley.

%Bijli Mahadev Temple
Bijli Mahadev Temple


%Bijli Mahadev kullu
Bijli Mahadev Temple
%bijli Mahadev
view from Bijli Mahadev

  Mysterious history of Bijli Mahadev:

Bijli Mahadev temple is famous due to its miracles and mystery. The actual name of the temple is Bijleshwar Mahadev Temple and is also renowned as the “temple of lightning”.Bijli Mahadev temple has an intriguing story behind its name Bijli Mahadev. I came to know from locals on my way to Bijli Mahadev that the Temple is famous for its legendary Shivlinga which is hiding a miracle behind its beauty. After every 12 years, from the sky, the lightning strikes the Shivlinga and shattered it into pieces and priest collects the pieces and joins them together with sattu and butter.As the temp over there remains cool the ghee butter or curd never melts.And now one can see the whole Shivling made of butter and ghee only.

According to the priest, the temple is the defender of the valley.Lord Shiva absorbed the excessive electric energy discharged from the atmosphere and saves mankind. This event happened at the confluence(merging point or samgam) of Parvati and Beas river, that’s the reason the temple was erected on the very spot. This is most popular mythological story behind this temple. Temple is also renowned for its 60 feet high flagpole that shines brightly like a silver needle in the sunlight. this high structure draws divine blessing in the form of lightning.

I gave offering to Lord Shiva in hundi kept inside the temple. Many pooja articles are available inside the temple. For which I didn’t pay any additional cost. Photography is not restricted here. Statues of Nandi Ji also available outside the temple.

Tips for this Trek:

Stay facilities are can also get tents on rent or pitch your own tent.There are few locals who can provide you accomodation with good food.

You can easily get tea stalls and refreshments along the way.

The well-constructed toilet is available at the top.The makeshift toilet is availble for the trekers.

We suggest don’t try to trek if you have older or younger with you

Pack your food with you if your foodie person because you wouldn’t get much eating option there.

Take water bottles with you.

My heart wants to stay there forever. Now its time to go back with my buddy and sherpa(dog with name sherpa) who came with me on my way to Bijli Mahadev as a guide.when I lost my way this sherpa helped me a lot. He acted like a friend to me. I became emotional when I had to leave but it is saved in my memory forever. but now I am satisfied because myand much more confident than before. purpose behind this trekking trip is fulfilled. I am full of positive energy  I know after reading this person who went there they understand my feeling and revive their memories. and other will want to visit. This place is like a small heaven on earth. 🙂



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