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%Hanuman dham

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand is well known for its majestic mountains, scenic beauty, pilgrim destinations, and temples. Hanuman Dham is dedicated to Anjani Putra God Hanuman. Hanuman Dham is surrounded by majestic Himalayas valley and major tourist attraction in the Jim Corbett Park.It is one of the famous pilgrimage and newly constructed tourist attractions and located 7 km away from Ramnagar from Anjani Gram Village. currently, construction work is going on in the Hanuman Dham as on Feb 2018 as you can see pictures. The location is easily accessible and breathtaking scenic beauty of this place equally matched the majestic architecture of the dam. Hanuman Dham provides the blissfully peaceful and tranquil life amid nature with the perfect atmosphere to mediate explore and introspect. This is first and unique Hanuman Dham in the world.

%Hanuman dham corbett park
Hanuman dham corbett park
%Hanuman dham
Hanuman Dham

Hanuman Dham:

Hanuman Dham is must visit attraction in Ramnagar. The architecture of the temple is splendid in appearance both interiors and exteriors. This famous tourist attraction has aesthetically designed an arched gateway to the temple that depicts two fishes on the gateway symbolizing fortune and prosperity. It gives a grand chhatri type of appearance in a hierarchical manner on ornate columns. The Hanuman Dham houses a sitting area, a meditation hall, a center for disabled and a majestic temple of Shri Hanuman.it is well decorated with lush green lawns, water bodies, and fountains. There are  35 or 40 stairs to reach the main hall.

%Hanuman dham corbett park
Hanuman Dham Corbett park
%Hanuman dham corbett park
Hanuman Dham Corbett park
%Hanuman dham corbett park
Hanuman Dham Corbett park

As we entered in a hall there were 9 idols of Shri Hanuman which were showing the different aspect of hanuman’s character and life. There are many traits which one should learn from God Hanuman’s life and personality.God idol conveyed us many traits such as his strong determination, faith in moral values and a wish to surrender serve a synthesis of knowledge and intellect strong power, pure and intellectual heart. Darshan of Lord Hanuman’s in their various Swaroops not only evoke faith in people and also recall their values. That serene and divine place conveyed a wave of purity which runs through my body and it evoked faith in me. As Goswami Tulsidas has said  ( Kumati Niwar Sumati Ke sangi) means Evil thoughts should be destroyed and one should move forward with good thoughts.

%Hanuman dham corbett park
Hanuman dham corbett park
%Hanuman dham corbett park
Hanuman Dham Corbett park

Outside the hall, there are two temples. One is dedicated to Maa Durga and other to God Shiva.

Why Hanuman Dham name kept:

Lord Hanuman has been a metaphor for veneration and unconditional devotion. Keeping this in mind, Ashram has been named after Shri Hanuman Ji. Seva (to serve) and Samarpan(dedication) are the two pillars on which Shri Hanuman Dham is based.

The philosophy behind the whole concept of Dham will be to help others and build a commune of people who believe in unconditional devotional towards others. The Dham will be the metaphor to serve. the disabled will able to carve their own niche path. the Dham will also be a cultural center to promote Indian culture especially the culture of love and care that is ingrained in Dev Bhoomi Uttrakhand.


The main motto of Hanuman Dham is to promote cultural activities for the welfare of society and humanity. Hanuman Dham serves all humans regardless of religion caste, financial status. Hanuman Dham promotes this noble cause in different ways undermentioned:

Vanaprastha ashram

Viklang Seva project

Named on symbol of unconditional love

center for complete wellness of body mind and soul through yoga and meditation

To encourage people to serve society

Indian Culture and spiritualism

To promote spiritual and  health tourism

To organize yoga camps

Institute for disabled

To help and save the girl child

to promote education for the girl child


Parking is very spacious and can accommodate 15 to 200 cars at the same time.

Hanuman Dham Visitor Information:

  •  Famous For: Natural beauty, Religion,  sightseeing, cultural center
  • Location: Anjani Gram village
  • Adress:  Village -Anjani Gram, Chhoi, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand
  • Phone: 098975 47766
  • Built:  construction going on currently as on Feb 2018
  • Dedicated to:  Lord Hanuman
  • Famous: Hanuman Dham
  • Architecture: Hindu hilltop temple style
  •  Entrance fees: Entry to temple is free
  • Temple timing: 5 AM to 8 PM
  • Visiting Duration: 1 hour
  • Best time to visit

Places to visit near Hanuman Dham:

Garjiya Devi temple

Kosi river

Sita bani temple

Dhangarhi museum

Devbhoomi outdoor adventure

Corbett falls

How to Reach Hanuman Dham:

Hanuman Dham is located at 7.5 km from Ramnagar.

By air: The nearest domestic airport is at Phoolbagh, Pantnagar which at a distance of 50km from Corbett national park.

By rail: The nearest railway station to Corbett national park is ram Nagar railway station which is 12 km from the park. the Ranikhet express plies between Delhi and Ramnagar. leaving  delhi at

10:50 pm and arriving at 4:35 am next day.the train from here for Delhi begins at 9:05 pm reaching Delhi at 5 am the next day

By road: normally it takes 5 and half hours to complete 295 km by road. you have to follow this route  Gajraula, Moradabad, Kashipur and Ramnagar

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