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Travelling must never stop for those people who are passionate about exploring new places. Money is a very important thing to be on move all the times. With endless search engines and continually fluctuating prices, it’s getting very difficult to get economical flight tickets. We all have experience tiresome and repeated searching when trying to book the cheapest flight tickets to any destination. It is the quest of every traveler to find ways to save money on air travel tickets. If you also aspire to travel like other travelers and save money on your dream vacation? If your answer is yes then read these tips to save money on your air travel. With the right planning and the optimum use of some tricks, we can get ourself best deals on airline tickets that too in some of the best airlines in the world. We are sharing with you all the tips which are used by most famous travelers in the world.

38 Tips to buy Cheap Flight Tickets To Anywhere In the World:

1. Flexibility:

Flexibility is very important when you are trying to find cheap flights anywhere in the world. Be flexible with locations dates and airlines. Specific dates will lock you into prices. There are several airlines that allow you to search for flights without entering your destination. Search for flights first if you aren’t obligated to be somewhere on certain dates. then choose dates based on what’s most affordable.

2. Book Early:

Most airlines usually release tickets 11 months in advance. Then first decide the place and then start looking for cheap airfare every once in a week. According to a study optimum time to book domestic flights is 7 weeks in advance and for international flights, optimum time is 11 to 12 weeks in advance. Air tickets are cheaper in a span of 3 weeks to 3 months before your travel date. In this span of time, you will get lots of offers, discounts, and vouchers not just flight tickets.

3.Travel Off-season:

It is better to travel off-season to get a better bargain. Peak season and holiday weekends will have the most demand, so expect higher prices. You can, however, stack the odds in your favor by buying tickets off-season.

4. Keep your Searches Top Secret:

Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to get the lowest prices. In google chrome, Incognito is enabled by hitting command Control, Shift and N.and for Mozilla firefox and internet explorer incognito is enabled by hitting Control, shift, and P. this will open a new browser window where information is not tracked by airline companies. Based on the cookies in your browser flight charges do increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched. Therefore we should clear cookies or use a new incognito browser window for fresh search. Going incognito will not help unless you are not ready to clear the cookies.

5. Use the Best Flight Search Engine to book a Ticket:

All search engines have inflated flight costs as part of taking a cut from the airline. Some Websites (Expedia) consistently inflate fare than others. Use these websites to book and check fare tickets like Skyscanner, Momondo and Google Flights. No single search engine is consistently perfect so we should check a combination of search engines to get cheap air tickets. Flight comparison websites are actually extremely helpful. they actually lessen down our work by offering cheap air tickets.

6. Check Budget Airlines:

Budget airlines offer cheapest tickets than their full-service counterparts. But this comes with compromises such as less leg room and no food/drink-on-board.

7.Check Local Airlines also:

All search engines are great but they don’t include small airlines especially in less popularly booked routes and in remote regions. If you are flying uncertain google search and ask if there exists any local airline. Some local airlines offer cheap flights but not listed in mass search engines.

8. Cheapest Place to Fly:

If you are an enthusiastic traveler then the best tip to buy cheap airlines and ticket to anywhere on the globe is to not to have a particular destination in your mind and have plenty of days at your disposal. Sites like Skyscanner give you option of searching a list of cheap flights to different countries in a specific month. You can plan a trip anytime anywhere in the world if you have a specific schedule.

9. Book Flights in January:

If you’re planning on doing some traveling, January may be one of the best times to book that flight and perhaps even take your trip. Airlines for some reason lower down airfare during the month of January and February. Flight search engine Skyscanner announced that January will be the best time to book affordable flights. Their data based on searches of 60 million users. Not only Skyscanner Hipmunk also pointed out that the January is the most cost-effective month for travel.

10. Don’t book on the Weekend:

Obviously weekend and holidays the time when most people travel. flight tickets are costlier during these days. Choosing a weekday to travel can really be beneficial sometimes, prices are almost half of what would you pay on weekend.

11. Identify the Cheapest Day to Fly:

Most people wonder which days to fly to save money on plane tickets? It might not matter when you buy your tickets but cheap flight tickets can be found depending on the day you choose to fly. But the consistent truth is that it is best to fly out on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. These are typically off-peak days when airlines carrying fewer business travelers, usually meaning lower fares and a surplus of seats. Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive day to fly.Many theories exist around to book tickets specifically on Tuesday to save money. Our best strategy should be to get a quick detail about whole month airfare for a particular destination to see which days are cheapest on a particular route. Download the apps or check the Skyscanner website. Enter your departure and arrival city select one way and then click depart but instead of entering date select whole month and then check the cheapest day to fly.

12. Freeze Wednesday for the Job:

There is something about Wednesday that airlines bring down the rates on this particular day of the week. Maybe the midday of the week or what? I have no clue what is this about the Wednesday. You will say thank you to me whenever you get low rates air tickets on this particular day.

13. Adjust the time of day for flying:

If you can’t change travel dates then choose the time of day when air tickets are cheaper. Flying at unpopular hours such as wee hours of day or period immediately after midnight when everybody is sleeping in that country. It increases our chance of getting the least expensive tickets

14. Use the Airline Website to book:

Most of the travel booking website include their service charge at the time of preparing your final bill. then even if they show you heavy discount they charge you more then they show. So instead of booking through these websites, you should visit the official website of the airline and book your desired flight from there. You will definitely save some money if not much.

15. Check Alternate Airports:

When you are checking for flights online check if there is more than one airport at that destination. If yes then chances are that flight cost to the different airport may vary, one being costlier than the other. It is also advised to check airport distance to the hotel at the destination where you want to reach. Sometimes cab charges and bus charges are too much high.

16. Consider Round Trip Tickets:

Even if you are only flying one way, sometimes they are so expensive that the round trip ticket is actually cheaper. Round trip tickets are most convenient to use. Sometimes the cheapest flight from both the destinations are scheduled at odd hours but still its cheapest to travel and a good deal.

17. Select Cheapest Payment Method:

Sometimes choosing a payment method can also save money. For booking international flights we should pay from credit cards because it helps us to earn flyer points and member benefits. Sometimes paying via online money transfer application like Paytm(India) BPAY and POLi system (Australia) also helps to save money and get major discounts.

 18. Bulk Flight Tickets:

It is a general rule we will get better value on air tickets if we buy more at the same time but if they are with the same airline or airlines in the same alliance. You can also take advantage of multi-city flights. If airlines have a route from Delhi to London and London to Newyork and you search from multi-city search function from Skyscanner you will definitely save some serious cash. Another way to buy

19. Check payment in other currency:

Before booking any ticket check if it is cheapest to pay in any other currency. Often budget airlines offer you pay in the currency of the country you are departing from. But this is not always the case. Make sure you are using the card which is free of foreign transaction fees. This trick has worked quite well for many travelers. In case your country currency is strong compared to others it is a great idea to search for airfare in a country where the currency is weaker. When you book a ticket from weaker currency chances are that you will get ticket at lower price.

20. Fly where the deals are:

Instead of choosing a destination consider flying to where cheap flights already are. Choose a destination in flight deals which you can easily afford and one you will enjoy. Use a search engine like Skyscanner to choose the best deals.

21. Longer layover magic:

Flights with the longest layover usually have lower price tags. Choose the flights where you can plan for the longest stopover on the same ticket. Direct flight tickets are always costlier than a flight with the longest layover. If the layover is long enough then you can make the layover destination part of your vacation plans and do some sightseeing at the layover destination. then you can head towards the second leg of your journey. It’s a win-win all the way.

22. Book connecting Flight At Less price:

Booking connecting flight can sometimes save a good amount. Instead of booking one flight book connecting flight which might take a longer time to reach but saves hundreds of dollars.

23.  Search for airline Error and sale fares:

Airlines companies sometimes post ridiculously low fares which can happen due to different reasons such as currency conversions, technical mishaps or simple and plain human error. This is a huge opportunity if you are open to a more spontaneous in booking flights. Several flights deals of this kind posted per day but usually, they don’t last long. So acting quickly is essential. Popular websites for Flight deal and error fare:

1. Secret Flying

2. Holiday Pirates

3. Flight Deal

4. Fly4free

24. Sign up for Airline Affiliated credit Card:

If you are using a credit card then accumulate frequent flyer points. The best card and benefits depend on which country you live in and what cards you have access to. Use your card to pay all travel expenses and living expenses.  You can earn points even without flying.The most popular one is through credit cards which gives you a load of miles upon registration and by shopping on a particular website.

25. Use your age or student status for flight deals:

If you are a student or under 26 years old then check student discounts. All young travelers can make most of this tip. Some of the leading airlines of the world offer the student concession and this tip also make the journey of young travelers budget friendly.

26. Subscribe Email Notifications:

The best budget airlines sales mostly go unannounced. Subscribe or sign up for your favorite airlines for the e-newsletter. Promotional fares and discounts codes reserved only for email subscribers. This can also save a lot of money.

27. Consider mileage run: Join a frequent flyer programme:

These programmes are free to join and you can earn points regarding cheap fares, earning free flights, free companion tickets, and upgrades. There are three main frequent flyer alliances you can join: Star Alliance (United, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, plus 25 others), Oneworld (American Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, plus 12 more), and Skyteam (Delta, Alitalia, KLM, plus 12 others).When you join the frequent flyer program of an airline, you’re technically joining a partnership of airlines. This means you will be able to earn and spend miles from all the airlines involved in that program.

28. Get Refundable Flights Tickets and Flight Insurance:

In India, Government has recently allowed free cancellation of flight tickets within 24 hours of booking and up to 96 hours before the flight. so it’s important to check the rules of aviation rules in your country or of the country you have booked the flights in. This do not save money directly while booking a ticket. In case you change the mind or something urgent comes up before the trip then this is of great help. and if you are taking a short trip and haven’t paid a fortune for it then don’t worry about purchasing refundable flight tickets or cancellation insurance.

29. Check back in 23 hours:

Checking back in 23 hours as one has 24 hours to cancel a flight without penalty can grab a good flight deal. You have to clear your browser cookies and search if prices dropped.

30. Use airline shopping portal:

Don’t forget to shop at member stores that are affiliated with the airlines. By shopping at these stores you will also accumulate points. Most major airlines and credit card programmes have an online shopping portal allowing you to earn miles or points for your purchases. this can be a great way to earn extra miles for purchase you are already making up and

31. If you know when and where you are going then don’t wait for an unknown sale:

If you know when and where you are going the don’t wait for an unknown sale. Budget airlines offer low rates at baseline price as these tickets are sold then remaining tickets increased in cost. Biggest savings normally come from booking far ahead.

32. Consider hidden city Ticketing:

Sometimes travelers use a trick called the hidden city ticketing. Travelers long ago discovered a trick known now as “hidden city” flights. A flight that connects in a city you want to go to is cheaper than flying directly to it. you book that cheap flight which connects in your desired city and hop off there, not taking the ongoing connection. But there are some risks attached to this trick. So check every each factor before choosing this trick.

33. Use Flight points when possible:

If you are a frequent flyer or have collected a lot of air-mile points over the years then you can redeem those points for a cheaper flight ticket. If you are falling short of few miles then you can trade or buy those miles to win a travel ticket.

34. Participate in Dining Reward Points:

 There are a number of airlines that have dining rewards programme as well. This is an easy way to earn miles. You have to sign up with your frequent flyer register your credit card and you’ll earn points and miles when you eat at participating restaurants in the airline network.You can join one of the programs in the Rewards Network and get five miles per dollar spent once you are a “VIP member,” which happens after 12 dines.

35. Buy on a Site that Offers Price Drop Payback:

I don’t think anything like this is present in India but in the US if the price for an itinerary goes down any time before your trip, the website is ready to pay you back the difference in the form of a travel voucher for up to $100 per ticket. This scheme is offered by Cheap air. They call it a buyer protection programme which gives confidence to the buyer for buying tickets from them.

36. Use a good VPN service:

All of us are aware that prices may change base on where the transaction is completed. So be digitally smart and hide your location and pretend to be somewhere else and make most of this tip while booking cheap tickets. If you use a private internet access or VPN (virtual private network) then you can easily book cheap flight tickets.

37. Luggage allowance Policy of airlines:

Look for airlines that waive bag fees. Most airlines companies have the specific luggage allowance policy. For example, you are allowed to carry 10kg of luggage in check-in baggage and 2 kgs in a cabin. and if your check-in baggage is 12 kgs then you have exceeded the allowance by 2 kgs then the airline will charge you extra charge of 600 Rs or more. To avoid this you can put extra 2kgs into your backpack which is in the cabin. Make sure you know the baggage allowance policy before or after your ticket booking and weigh your luggage in advance.

 38. Pro tips:

If you have booked your ticket then call the customer care of airline and ask them to make a soft booking(seat of your choice)and choose the seat near the wings on either side. this is because turbulence is low near the wings and you will have a smooth journey. In that case, you know where you are and location of emergency exit resides closer for faster evacuation. Count the rows because visibility is low in case of fire and smoke.

So today we shared with you top 38 tips to get cheap tickets and with the help of these tricks, you can get best deals on the world and India’s top airlines and that too in first class. And How do you get cheap airline tickets? Share any tips in the comments.


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