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Have you ever thought how we live peacefully and enjoy every comfort of life? Because soldiers of our country sacrifice their everything for us and always ready to do anything for our country. The army is the force that keeps on protecting our boundaries day and night, summer or winter. What may be the condition they stand like unbreakable iron wall to face all difficulties. they don’t worry about terrain heat cold or snow.They eat whatever they get without any complaints.But do they get what they deserve not even respect? The real backbone of any country is its army.

On the other hand, we the city people have everything but keep seeking for more and more and still don’t get satisfied. We can’t seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our country. Personally, I always have a soft corner and proud feeling for them. Do you know about India Gate which was built to pay homage and respect to all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect their motherland. Let us all salute those brave and selfless soldiers for their dedicated services to the country. My heart goes out to all those gallant soldiers, till this date, who laid their lives to give us the fear-free environment at home and my this post is sincere gratitude to many more brave hearts who are out there standing guard at our borders so that we can sleep peacefully every night.

India Gate:

 India Gate originally called All-India War Memorial, officially called Delhi Memorial, is a monumental sandstone arch salutes the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during world war first.India Gate is a war memorial located astride the Rajpath in the center of the Delhi, on the eastern edge of the ceremonial axis of New Delhi. India Gate stands on the one end of Rajpath and area surrounding it is generally referred as India Gate.

%India gate
India Gate

History of India Gate:

Edwin Lutyens great architect of his times designed and structured India Gate. the foundation stone was laid by his royal highness “The Duke of Connaught”. 10 years later Lord Irwin dedicated the monument to the nation.

Amar Jawan Jyoti:

Another monument Amar Jawan Jyoti was added to monument later after independence. Amar Jawan Jyoti which is ‘Immortal Flame of a Soldier’ is also seen at the center and under India gate, an eternal flame burns day and night to remind country about all soldiers who lost their life in Indo Pak war. Every year on 15th day of January Army day is celebrated at India gate. We should stand up raise our arms and salute with our hands as respect to the gallant soldier’s real heroes and true Rakshak of our country who keep strict vigil in our borders.

Let us all salute those brave and selfless soldiers for their dedicated services to the country.We should salute those soldiers not only on special days. Although by sitting in the comfort of our homes we cannot imagine and feel how they survive in those unfriendly and harsh conditions where they have to guard our motherland


%India gate
India gate



%India gate
India gate


Design And Architecture of India Gate:

Sir Edwin Lutyens leading war memorial designer and famous architect of his times, designed India Gate. The design is of triumphal arch similar to Arch de Triomphe in Paris, France.Red and yellow sandstone from Bharatpur is used as building material. The structure is 42 meters in height and 9.1 meters in width.

Below the India Gate Arch, reversed self-loading rifle installed capped with war helmet on a plinth of black marble. Amar Jawan is inscribed in gold on each face of the cenotaph.It was erected in wake of the liberation of Bangla Desh to pay homage to soldiers of 1971 war. The memorial was inaugrated by Prime minister Indira Gandhi.


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Amar Jawan Jyoti at India gate India gate
%India gate
Greenery and water body on India gate

India Gate, now a major tourist spot in Delhi, India. On independence day and Republic day, it is definitely a splendid and incredible site when parade passes through India gate and all visitors and tourists watch the parade and Rashtrapati Bhavan and all govt buildings are decorated with colorful lights.The large area of lush green lawns surrounds the India Gate. At night India Gate dramatically illuminated and fountain near it shows beautiful display of colors.this is a picnic spot for tourists and Indians residents.

This is a popular place for morning and evening walkers in Delhi due to its neat and clean roads around India gate. During winter afternoons and summer evening people enjoy here with their families. This place provides employment to many local sellers of chaat, ice cream, eatables cold drinks, balloon sellers and kids toys especially photographers. Children’s park is near to India gate.This is the meeting point for young and old couples and friends.Visitors can enjoy boating here.


%India gate
India gate


%India gate
India Gate and greenery


There are some issues which I want to bring in the light. It is my earnest request to all of you out there.

Clean Delhi: Green Delhi and clean Delhi is the direct need of residents of Delhi. As the entire nation is abuzz with cleanliness drives and campaigns under the impetus of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘. We should become the real participant in the crusade against dirt and squalor. The best way to begin this cleanliness drive is our own room and our own home. A clean person cleans their neighborhood and sets drive for a clean city.Only a lit candle can light other unlit candles similarly people who keep themselves clean and their surroundings clean can help other persons to achieve cleanliness objectives.

Litter: Every year millions of visitors come to salute our soldiers on India Gate. Do remember to take your litter back to your hotel or drop into conveniently placed dustbins. Don’t leave it lying around.

Vandalism: Don’t scratch your name or message on trees or monuments related to any public or private property.

%India gate
India gate
%India gate
India gate



Today India Gate is correctly called as one of the largest war memorials of India. India Gate is now national pride, one of the most distinguishing and prominent features monuments of India. visitors throng from all over the world to see this architectural wonder of India and pay homage to all soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that we can live happily and with freedom.

Visitor Information:

Type: War Memorial

Location: Rajpath Marg, India Gate, New Delhi-110001

Construction :10 February 1921

construction completed: 12 February 1931

Architect: Sir Edwin Lutyens

Architectural style: Triumphal Arch

Why Built: built to pay homage to 82000 soldiers who lost their lives in world war first

Dimensions: 42 meters, 9.1 meters in width, 625 meters in diameter

Material used: Yellow and red sandstone and Granite

Timings: 24 hours

Entry fee: free








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