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When we talk about travel, how can we forget the essential part of our lives Food- food, and Haridwar food; We can call Haridwar food and photo paradise because all food restaurants and shops are nestled amidst magnificent forested mountains, pure virgin ever flowing Ganga, and celestial blue skies.After long walking hours and soaking feet in cold waters of Ganges we felt hungry. There is plenty of shops one can investigate when there is thundering in rumbling in the stomach.

Haridwar platter is dominated by vegetarian north Indian food. One can never run out of choices to flatter one’s appetite with south Indian, Bengali, continental, and staple meal “thali ” which is very popular all over in Haridwar. Being a religious destination, non-vegetarian food is not accessible here. there are myriad famous food shops which are serving visitors for a very long time and earned a name for themselves because of their delicious lip-smacking food.

Haridwar street food is refreshing different from other street foods.You must know how to look for vendors who serve good food and are hygiene conscious ar the same time.good should be freshly prepared and another condition is beeline surrounding the shop or stall.

Take a look at most famous food shops and food of Haridwar that you should not miss at any cost to Haridwar.

Chotiwala Restaurants :

Currently, in January 2018, there are two Chotiwala restaurants running in Haridwar with the same name.One at the upper road and other at Subhash Ghat.They offer the best thali in the local area and best kind of nourishment to veggie lovers. Both of them with same fame name(Chotiwala) is engaged in the cutthroat competition with each other.


%Haridwar food
Chotiwala Subhash ghat
%Haridwar food
Chotiwala upper road near Har ki Pauri

Here you can get an assortment of scrumptiously cooked Indian food at reasonable costs. A thali includes rice chapatis, daal, vegetable, pickles, and curry.You can get varieties of vegetables like shahi paneer, kadi pakora, chole, rajma, daal makhani, palak paneer chana masala, aloo gobhi, zeera aloo etc.  A wide range of ice cream also available like vanilla choco bar, such much aam, butterscotch, cornetto cone, Kesar Pista, easy Sunday etc.

Mohanji poori wale:

One of the most famous  Haridwar food which should be tried first on your trip is crispy poori and spicy aloo ki sabzi.Mohanji poori wale ranks first in the taste of puri and spicy aloo sabzi. This is like landmark situated by the banks of Ganga near to Har ki Pauri.A decade old establishment quite famous for its sizzling hot pooris and spicy fried potatoes. The menu has a lot of many traditional dishes and snacks such as Ladoo, besan, Peda, jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Chandrakala, samosa etc.It is advisable to visit early in morning and afternoon as its always crowded with foodies. This food joint runs to the packed number during the evening as its local’s favorite.



%Haridwar food
Mohan jo poori wale and Prachin Mathura wale shop Haridwar
%Haridwar food
Ram Ji poori wale, Hoshiyar puri hotel, Prachin Mathura Wala hotel all hotels near har ki Pauri

Prachin Mathura wale:

To enjoy the best mouth-watering tastes and flavors of Haridwar food, head straight for Mathura Walo ki Parchin Dukaan! This hole in the wall sweet shop situated in Moti bazar.they are in business for more than 90 years and popular for sweet samosa, halwa, pede,gulab jamun.It is a really old sweet shop that has a strong reputation among sweet lovers of Haridwar and economical pricing is also giving competitors run for their money.It is called best sweet shop even by those who are not addicted to sweets.

Bhagwati Chole Bhandar:

Bhagwati Chole Bhandar wears the crowns of best chole(spicy white chickpeas) bhature(a fried bread made from maida flour.i.e.soft flour)in Haridwar. This is also and world-class establishment and has in business for decades now. This establishment situated on the way to Mansa Devi on the upper road.As we are hungry, we scarfed down excellent chole bhature at Bhagwati chole Bhandar.Chole Bhaturre is another popular food of haridwar.

As the bread is delicious crispy yet soft fluffy quite chewy showing some shreds of paneer inside.The dish is accompanied by raw onion salad, mint chutney, chili and pickle of tangy mango spicy lemon carrot.It’s so tempting by looks. To eat it, rip off a piece and scoop up the well-spiced chole which is stuffed with potato.It’s so yummy addictively tasty meal.This is prepared by expert staff who is working here for a long time.It is served in huge sizes covering almost 80% of the plate. This food joint runs out of food in evening go there for an early lunch if you are roaming the streets of Haridwar. Lovers of chole bhature will have very joyful time here.Kamal Bhojnalaya, Jodhpur and NeerajVaishnavv bhojnalaya another terrific spot to have chole bhature on Upper road.

%Haridwar food
kamal bhojnalaya, jodhpur bhojnalaya neeraj bhojnalaya

 Kakoo Bhai lassi wale and Jai ma Ganga tea stall:

After having chole bhature I guzzled a huge glass of creamy Lassi topped with malai at Kaku Bhai lassi Wala near Har ki Pauri in Moti Bazar.the foam formed a white mustache on my upper lip. It revived my childhood memories.


%Haridwar food
Bhagirathi Jalpan Greh andKakuu Bhai lassi Wala near har ki pauri Motii bazar
%Haridwar food
jai maa ganaga tea stal near har ki pauri moti bazar

Kashyap Kachori Bhandar:

Every tourist in the city should look forward to enticing hot spicy kachori which is also the famous street food of Haridwar.For having the hot spicy kachori Kashyap kachori bhandar at Gau Ghat. I ate this hot crispy and thick spicy kachori, stuffed with spicy lentils masala mix broken into pieces. This kachori is dunked into light spicy potato gravy with green and tamarind chutney into it.This tasty Kachori will bound you to visit this venue again and again.

Raghuvanshi Bhojnalaya:

This hotel started in approx 30 years ago. They are leading Gujarati Punjabi and Marwadi food provider in Haridwar. You can get original taste of Gujarati thali in just rs 100. Bhakri is their main dish but they serve their dishes also like thepla suki bhaji etc.

Dosa Plaza:

Big Ben Restaurant:


Guru Nanak Dhaba food:

Dada Boudir Hotel:

Jain Chaat Bhandaar:

Another famous food of Haridwar is chaat. Anyone can try different types chaats here like Papari chaat, golgappas, dahi vada, aloo tikiya, kanji vadas

Hoshiyar Puri:

This is one of the popular desi food joint or Dhaba to serve north Indian Punjabi food.Everything thing which is served here is economical and under budget. Famous Hoshiyar puri Dhaba /restaurant situated on the upper road near way to Mansa Devi temple. It is a very popular place, therefore, I had to wait for my turn. They will give you a token number or list number. The token number is on the digital screen below signboard and people keep waiting for their turn.

%Haridwar food
Hoshiyar puri hotel

 Pandit Sevaram Sharma Doodh Wale:

This shop is situated near Har Ki Pauri on the upper road in Moti Bazar.This 100-year-old shop is must visit for sweet lovers.this shop is so reputed that it hardly needs to be anything written about it. Just follow your sweet craving and drop in at Pandit Sevaram Sharma Doodh wale to know why the place is so loaded. This place is famous for hot frothy kulhar (earthen pot) milk. This shop is like a treasure trove for sweet lovers.Try out their unique taste for sure you will have a good experience.It is stocked with other sweets such as malai ladoo, Rabri, dry fruit milk cake etc.

Another great thing to try on the lanes of Upper road is thickened milk which sweet shops sell in kulhars(earthen pots).There are many doodhwalas selling thicked and reduced milk with malai on the upper road.

%Haridwar food
restaurant selling desserts and savoury dishes
%Haridwar food
Haridwar food


%Haridwar food
Haridwar food

Mathura Wale:

Mouthwatering sweets of this shop in Haridwar to die for. This shop is situated on the upper road.The very sight of boiling milk in big cauldron temped my taste buds.Milk is boiled to such an extent that’s its consistency changes.Milk is served with malai.

%Haridwar food

%Haridwar food
Haridwar food

When I was walking on my way to Mansa Devi I was flabbergasted and stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of a mobile biscuit shop called Naan Khatai (desi biscuit) – on a desi cart with a desi jugaad oven!It was based on gas oven concept.Look at the desi jugaad oven and chimney attached to it.This was the most amazing thing which I’ve ever seen.This street seller freshly bakes and sells cookies on Upper Road of Haridwar. I bought 1kg of freshly baked biscuits from him asked him to show me this desi oven(Bhatti) then he opened his tray in which biscuits were baked daily by him.He was little conscious when he got to know that I am clicking his pics. These biscuits were so soft warm crispy and crumbly. I munched them on my way back to Haridwar.

%Haridwar food
cookies seller on upper road
%Haridwar food
cookies baker and seller on the upper road

This local fruit called “RAMPHAL” based on the name of Lord Rama available in Haridwar. I’ve seen this fruit first time.I was immediately attracted towards its bright aubergine color. This sweet and sour fruit is sold by roadside vendors in Moti bazar near Har ki pauri. It has a tough exterior but easy to it.Chew with a sprinkle of black salt(Kala Namak) and other masalas for flavor. Do try it out on your next visit to Haridwar.

%Haridwar food
Ramphal famous fruit of Haridwar

Now I am going to talk about famous hotels and restaurants where you can have food and stay also

Hotel Ganga Darshan:

I stayed at this hotel near Har ki Pauri.This hotel is situated at a two-minute distance from Har ki Pauri.I got all the facilities of TV, internet.The hotel staff was good and rooms were neat and clean.The roof of the hotel is closed with an iron net for safety.

Ganga Lahiri hotel:

This hotel is auspiciously nestled in the foothills of Gau ghat near Har ki Pauri. Here you can easily get the glimpse of evening aarti. The hotel is managed by Leisure Hotels and owned by Prasad Heritage Group. They have 16 Ganga facing luxurious rooms with traditional Indian furnishing and fabrics surely spellbound you.Their multi-cuisine restaurant serves a fine selection of local dishes with exclusive offers during your stay.

Krishnaji Hotel and Restaurant:



Chole bhature

Aloo puri:





Fresh Fruit Chaat:

Thickened Milk in Kulhar:










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